Paid results on the Google results page (SERP) are called in several ways:

        sponsored listings,

        paid ads and

        Pay per Click.

The service itself is called “Ads”, before it was “AdWords”.

It is an auction, without the auctioneer. There is no third party that mediates between who wants to sell and who to buy.

There is no “Sotheby’s” or “Christie’s”, to understand us. In other words, those who want immediate visibility are guests on the platform owned by Alphabet to which Google belongs, programmed and managed entirely by them.

Google Ads is the tool made available by Google for online advertising, through which users can publish their ads by choosing from several available formats:

Text ads, or the classic sponsored links that appear among the first results of the search engine.

Banner Ads that are part of the Google Adsense Network;

Video Ads, which allow you to post your advertisements within the videos found on YouTube.

Google Ads works because: it allows you to intercept the conscious question: the user who does a search on Google by typing a specific keyword does it to solve a problem.

For example:

Pay per click example in SERP
Pay per click example

he could look for “asbestos removal” to identify a local company that offers this service;

he might be looking for “Rimini restaurant” to find a place to eat;

he could look for “organic garden fertilizer” to gather information on natural cultivation methods.

A good positioning strategy (SEO) accompanied by a campaign with Google Ads, therefore allows you to advertise commercial and non-commercial activities, and the products / services that are offered at the moment when users are carrying out their search.

It allows you to control the investment and its actual return: with Ads you can accurately measure how many users see the advert (s) and, more importantly, how many people click on the link and become your customers.

    A Google Ads campaign is useful when:

    One needs to be visible in a short time.

    In the case of a simple campaign, even one day is enough to make users find you;

A promotion valid for a short time must be advertised. If you need to promote an event or a course or a promotion that has a close deadline you need a tool that returns results in a short time, in order to activate a campaign and turn it off when it is no longer needed;

When you need to promote your company in the world. If you are a business and your target market is not only the Italian one but also the American and French one, then AdWords is perfect for you as it allows you to create more targeted campaigns, choose keywords in the languages ​​that interest you and manage them all together at the same time.

When you need to geolocate your promotion. You can create and manage your campaigns by choosing the geographical area of ​​reference based on the characteristics of your target audience;

When you have to promote several products at the same time. A case in point in this case is e-commerce. If you need to advertise several products at the same time, betting everything on SEO would not be right because the results are not so immediate. In addition to SEO, it is often recommended to work alongside Ads to promote the entire range of products / services.

The goal of an Ads campaign is only one: to obtain immediate results, or to sell your products if you own an e-commerce or to be contacted by new potential customers interested in your product and / or service.

Final thoughts.

Few say the following, that is, the ROI of a campaign with Ads is inversely proportional to its duration.

So the more time the tool is used, the less profits you get for the same budget.

Let’s say that … “addictive to internet users”.

Furthermore, many, not to say the majority …, believe that those who resort to this tool do so because they are not the best, so they “cheat”.

As a result, these announcements are ignored as if they were not there.
It is no coincidence that Google tends more and more to mimit them and to uniform them in graphics with those of organic results.