We tried ! And how if we tried!

Unfortunately K. Reeves, P. Walker and B. Pitt were too expensive to hire them ☹.

Having said that, one thing that can be done, however, is to obtain a good positioning for multimedia content in the SERPs of the various search engines with SEO for multimedia.

In fact, on this page we have:

1 video.

The 3 audio tracks (1 in English, 1 in Italian and 1 in Portuguese) useful for the blind (for example), as well as the 3 audio transcriptions for those (more traditionalist) who wanted to immerse themselves in a reading are available in their 3 dedicated pages,
(follow links after video).

Thanks to the rich snippets and enrichments made available by Schema.org, multimedia content is now well accepted by search engine crawlers.

(Crawlers are the software of search engines that scan all websites and catalog them).

For reading or only listening to audio in English follow this link.

Per la lettura o il solo ascolto dell’audio in italiano questo il link.

Para ler ou ouvir apenas áudio em portuguese, siga este link.