Those who have decided to enter the web (the so-called world 2.0) and have done so for an economic return, therefore managing a business, can no longer ignore the use of web marketing tools that allow them to obtain a return, the ROI (Return On Investment).

Webmarketing tools.

Let’s analyze them one by one:

• The SITE: the basis for appearing on the web. Whether it is a showcase site for consolidated brands, a site to present your business or sell products (e-commerce) must in any case be created with precise criteria.

Which ? That it is well usable from mobile devices, that loads content quickly, that it is SEO friendly and much more!

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• SEO: the many activities that make the site rewarding from the point of view of user search through search engines, 90% of the modus operandi!

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• Pay Per Click: the activity that aims at short-term results, which is characterized by paying the search engine so that the searches of our keywords are always shown in the first places.

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• E-mail marketing (DEM), a purely promotional activity for commercial offers, sent periodically in the mailboxes of one’s followers; not to be confused with the sister News Letter with a more informative cut!

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• SOCIALS, to have direct contact with customers, to establish a fruitful dialogue, such as a Customer Care service, reviews, listening to wishes to go to produce what the market asks for!

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• E-COMMERCE, the real exchange of goods for money, in an at all virtual market that can be local or international! No market is unattainable!

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