Search Engine Optimization is one of the many different tools concerning Web Marketing activity.
It’s based on 3 main steps:
– analysis: of competitors, of the market, of brands involved
– to do,
– to maintain / enforce obtained results.
SEO can be seen like a Rally stage race.
Analysis: can be compared at the reconnaissance rally track.
To do: is the on site and off site optimization (text, pics, video, back links, socials).
The maintaining and enforcing could be seen as tyre change, to setup the car from tarmac stage to stage on dirt.
Other similarities can been seen like budget needed to build the team (cars, pilots, mechanics, spare parts…).
Strategy: to attack at the right time and defend when competitors are stronger.
And of course there are: competitors, umpires (the Search Engines), unexpected (sudden rainy storm, or fog that can be compared to S.E. algorithm changes).
There are tools to check the step by step obtained results, such as indexed keywords report compared to chrono timing, Analytics like position in race ranking.
It’s not to be considered as a stand-alone product or service, like a text editor, SEO in fact, interacts with: Socials, Paid Ads, Blogging etc.
SEO doesn’t start immediately to give its results, but when it happens, they are long lasting.
If immediately results are required there are other tools, the most used and known is Ads (Pay per Click).
The following chart can help to have a better idea:
Analysis, (Race track inspection):
– who are competitors and how they rank in SERP;
– market positioning, brand positioning, niches;
– Keywords to work on;
– CTA (Call to Action) for each page, key for studied targets.

TO DO: (“RACE ITSELF”), to climb the SERP and gain more ‘in-target’ traffic on web site.

THIRD STEP: maintain best results and try to improve the ones not at the very top.
(The 3rd step) is also needed to defend from counterattacks by competitors’ SEO.
No one stops after having overtaken a competitor, and celebrates, doesn’t it ?
As told before there are also unexpected and strategy change; in SEO field they are too many, more than could be imagined !
Here the most relevant:
– new products or services, that need new indexed pages,
– search engines’ algorithm changes,
– tech improvements: mobile devices, safer protocols, new telecom hardware (fiber optic)
– AI.
For these reasons periodical check-ups are required, and correction must be done, if spread from target shows up, hard work is needed to stay higher in SERP, many aspects are involved, chained / linked one to each other !
The new technologies, has also introduced other services, that could be called SEO’s sons, such as:
Voice Search Optimization
and Streaming Video Indexing,
both relevant and of increasing importance in driving traffic.

This SEO race has many stage race arrivals, that are the achieved ranking of each key in the present and also for the future
The stages arrivals can be easy checked by a periodical supplied reports
The quality of the goals achieved, pertinent traffic (like the advantage on the pursuers or the gap from whom precedes) can be valued by stats with Google Analytics or other similar tools
ROI is given by the specific actions (CTA) together with traditional marketing / commercial activities of your Firm.
All CTAs could be tracked in Analytics !
Such as: form filled and sent, phone call done from mobile, mails.
Therefore, as mentioned above about CTAs, contact us !